A boil is a skin infection which starts with oil gland or hair follicle. Boils are painful bumps which are full of pus. Boils can affect anyone at any age. In boils, first skin will turn red with the infection and lump develops. After 3-7 days lump is filled with pus with the pain and inflammation. Neck, shoulder, armpits, face, and buttocks are common places where boils develop. Some times boils appears in a group which is called carbuncle infection.

The main cause of boils is oil glands and germs. The germs enter your body through tiny nicks in your skin from where they can travel to the hair follicle. If you are suffering from diabetes then also you can develop boils. When you have poor hygiene and nutrition then you also have a chance of developing boils. If you are exposed to harmful chemicals then your skin may get irritated which can result in boils. Now you know much about boils, let’s take a look what are the symptoms related to boils.

Boils: Symptoms

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The symptoms of boils start with painful, red, and hard skin surface which later turn into bump filled with pus. Below there are some common symptoms related to boils.

  1. Infected skin with redness
  2. Painful skin surface
  3. Swollen skin
  4. Pus in bump
  5. Fever
  6. Swollen lymph nodes

When you should consult the doctor?

Usually, boils are a harmless condition and it doesn’t require any medical condition. But in some cases, you have to consult the doctor for advice like,

  1. Continuous fever
  2. Swollen lymph nodes
  3. The skin around the boil turns red
  4. Boil does not drain
  5. Recurring boil

How to get rid of a boil?

The safest way to get rid of a boil is to compress it with soaked warm water towel. This helps to draw the pus and blood to the skin surface. Below you will read about some simple tips by which you can get rid of the boil.

  1. Wrap the raw onion over the boil for 2 hours daily.
  2. Extract the juice of fresh garlic and apply it over the boil for 30 minutes.
  3. You can also apply the mixture of ginger and turmeric over the boil
  4. Neem essential oil is also beneficial in a boil

Are boils contagious?

Well, the boil is contagious and they can easily spread through skin to skin contact. The bacteria does not affect you if you don’t get in direct skin contact with an infected person. Make sure you stay away from the infected person, do not share a towel or clothes with the infected person.

How you can prevent boils?

There are different ways by which you can prevent yourself from boil such as-

  1. Use antibacterial soap or body wash while bathing
  2. Always use a glove or textured cloth to exfoliate the skin once a week.
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Get a complete diet of nutrients and vitamins to improve your immune system
  5. Regularly wash your hands
  6. Clean the damaged skin.

Does CBD help Boils?

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Lots are people are using CBD to treat different medical conditions such as Anxiety, bipolar, depression, cancer, chronic pain, herpes, and many more. This has become possible because CBD is rich in therapeutic properties and non-psychoactive in nature. The best thing about CBD is that it is extracted in different forms such as Isolate, Tincture, Oil, and Wax. In boils, you can use CBD oil over the infected area to reduce the pain and inflammation. You can also use CBD pain management balm to reduce the pain caused by Boil. You should always remember that CBD does not treat boil it just reduces the symptoms caused by boil.

Final words on CBD For Boils

If you are suffering from boil then don’t panic they are completely harmless. Without any treatment, you can get rid of them in just 7 days. If the boil does not go away or it appears again and again then consult a doctor right away.

For reducing the symptoms of boil you can use CBD as an alternative. CBD has emerged as a potential chemical compound which is used to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by boil.

I hope I have covered all the essential information related to the boil and CBD. Still, if you have any other treatment option then please mention it in the comment section.

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