Hyperkalemia is an abnormal condition in which an elevated level of potassium is found in the blood. Usually, normal potassium range in the blood is 3.5 to 5.0 milliequivalents per liter. In hyperkalemia, the potassium level in blood is 6.1 to 7.0 milliequivalents per liter. The main cause of Hyperkalemia is when your kidney does not work properly. If you are suffering from any kidney disease then also you can develop Hyperkalemia, when you are on high potassium diet then also there is a chance of this disease. Foods like melons, orange juice, bananas are rich in potassium so avoid having too much of them. There are some other causes of Hyperkalemia which I have listed below,

  • Breakdown in muscle tissue
  • Breakdown in blood cell
  • Trauma and other tissue injuries
  • Kidney failure
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Lupus
  • Kidney disease
  • Drug or Alcohol Use

What are the symptoms of Hyperkalemia?

CBD For Hyperkalemia 
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The symptoms usually depend on the level of potassium in your blood. Below I have mentioned some possible symptoms related to Hyperkalemia.

  • Numbness and tingling sensation in legs and hand
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Weakness
  • Burning sensation while urinating

How Hyperkalemia is diagnosed?

To diagnose hyperkalemia the doctor will ask your medical history and the medications which you are on. A blood test and urine test is enough to obtain the level of potassium in your blood. When you are on treatment then you will go through regular potassium level check in your blood.

What is the treatment option for Hyperkalemia?

If you are able to reduce the level of potassium in your blood then you can easily treat hyperkalemia but it is not that easy. Below there is some treatment option which can help you to fight with Hyperkalemia.


Hemodialysis is a machine which is used to remove the different waste from the blood and potassium is one of those. This machine is used when your kidneys are not able to work properly.

Calcium Gluconate

This medication helps to reduce the level of potassium level from your blood. It also reduces the effect of potassium on your heart.


This medication allows you to urinate more because of which potassium level is reduced in your blood. This medication increases the potassium extraction by the kidney, where excess potassium is eliminated through urination.


CBD is the natural chemical compound which is found in the flowers of the hemp plant. CBD is rich is different therapeutic properties which make it useful for treating different medical conditions. Many studies have shown that CBD reduces the pH level, red cell volume and potassium level from the blood. You can use CBD in different forms such as Isolate, Oil, Tincture, and E-juice. The best thing about CBD is that it can be used for low weight people.

Home remedies to reduce the Potassium level

  1. Reduce the potassium intake to decrease the level of potassium from your blood. Foods like milk, nuts, bananas, cod, beef, and beans are a rich source of potassium.
  2. Drink more water because dehydration can also lead to hyperkalemia.
  3. Reduce the salt intake
  4. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables because they are rich in vitamins and other minerals.
  5. Exercise daily because exercise leads to sweating and toxins are released through sweat.

Final Words On CBD For Hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia is a condition in which potassium level is increased in the blood and it can lead to kidney disease and failure. If you are suffering from Hyperkalemia you should reduce the sugar intake and foods which are highly rich in potassium. You can also use CBD to reduce the pH level in your blood. CBD is one of the best natural alternatives for treating different medical conditions. CBD is completely non-psychoactive in nature which makes it useful for low-weight people. The best thing about CBD is that it is available in different forms such as Oil, Wax, Isolate, and Tincture.

I hope you all like my this article on “Know everything about Hyperkalemia here”. If you have any question or suggestion related to this article then please comment below. You can also mention any other natural treatment option for hyperkalemia all suggestions are welcomed.

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