An inflammatory skin condition, Lichen planus can produce lesions or ridges that emerge on the skin, inside the mouth or the nails. Though not infectious but it can become painful, prickly and turn into blisters. A restorative solution can be provided by CBD as it is an organic plant compound that has been found to aid in lowering inflammation and promotes the natural curing process of all types of skin which includes acne-prone, psoriasis and eczema affected besides sensitive skin. As a skin medication, CBD can treat the symptoms of lichen planus effectively by targeting its underlying cause.

What Lichen Planus Is All About

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An aggressive and distress causing rash Lichen Planar can affect a large portion of the body including the mouth, nails, genitals, scalp, hair, skin and mucous membranes. Such a skin condition cause inflammation and skin irritation and can be seen as purplish, prickling, flat bumps which spread over a few weeks. Lichen planus creates white lacy patches at times with painful sores inside the mouth, vagina and various regions surrounded by a mucous membrane.

4 Primary Kinds Of Lichen Planus

  1. Reticular which features a white web type pattern.
  2. Erosive featuring a bright red rash that generally impacts mucous membrane such as the mouth and genitals. In aggravated cases, ulceration takes place.
  3. Bullous where blisters filled with fluid and lesions arise inside the mouth, lower limbs, trunk, and genitals
  4. Atrophic which constitutes the rarest type of Lichen planus which particularly affects the legs and the trunk, or regions which have had a previous attack of one or the other types of lichen planar. Such rash is characterized by whitish blue papules with a shrunk or atrophied center.

Causes That Lead To Lichen Planus

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An autoimmune disorder, Lichen planus arises when the immune system invades the skin cells or mucous membranes. The exact reason for such an immune response remains unknown. Various contributing factors can be responsible and every case varies. However, some of the likely causes include:

  • Viral infections and Hepatitis C infection
  • Certain pigments, allergens, metals and chemicals
  • Genetics
  • Pain relievers like Ibuprofen and specific medications for a heart ailment, high blood pressure, joint inflammation or arthritis
    Generally, such skin rash affects middle-aged adults. At times lichen planus arises alongside autoimmune ailments.

Symptoms Linked With Lichen Planus

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The manifestations and symptoms of lichen planus differ based upon the regions affected. The common symptoms of this skin rash include:

  • Purplish, flat bumps appearing on the internal forearm, wrist, ankle or at times the genitals
  • Itching and prickling
  • Blisters that crack to form crusts
  • Lacy white spots inside the mouth or vagina
  • Alterations in the color of the scalp
  • Hair loss and nail damage

CBD Can Be Useful For Treating Lichen Planus

The inherent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial nature of CBD has made it highly effective in treating a host of skin conditions from psoriasis, eczema to lichen planus. CBD can aid in skin rash conditions like lichen planus due to its following characteristics:

Functions As An Anti Inflammatory Option

CBD can regulate the immune response as it works indirectly on the CB2 receptors and aids to alleviate skin flare-ups and various allergies. As CBD attaches to the CB2 receptors of the disturbed immune cells, it triggers an anti-inflammatory protein known as caspase which transmits a signal which initiates the process of cell death (apoptosis) of the immune cell. With the perishing of the immune cells through caspase stimulation, there occurs a lowering of the inflammatory process as well as cytokines that are pro-inflammatory cells. This aids in controlling the skin rashes that are proliferated by the inflammation.

CBD Retains Anandamide For A Longer Duration

The endocannabinoid system accelerates the healing process of the body which helps the epithelium. Any injury to the skin causes the endocannabinoid system to release a chemical compound called anandamide inside the injured skin tissue. CBD triggers Anandamide within the CB1 and CB2 receptors which steps up the wound repairing process. This helps to treat the lesions and cracks caused by blisters in the skin disorder lichen planus.

CBD Contains Antibacterial Properties

CBD has proved itself to be a much sought after therapy for eczema due to its potential of lowering colonization or settlement of staphylococcus bacteria on the skin. This bacteria is responsible for skin infections resulting in painful red bumps, inflamed skin and blisters or crusts. Recent research has revealed that a cannabinoid molecule while communicating with the endocannabinoid system assisted in curbing the activation of mast cells. The immune cells called mast cells discharge histamine which when triggered results in excessive itching and swelling.

Conclusion On CBD In Lichen Planus

Studies have displayed the beneficial effects of CBD as a therapeutic aid for various skin conditions. This comes as welcome news for people suffering from skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, skin cancer, skin rashes, warts, pruritus, fungal infections and also lichen planar. By providing relief to skin conditions CBD has emerged as a natural medication for improving the symptoms of serious skin problems and severe conditions.

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